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Digital Inspiration - The Tech Guide

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yahoo! Launches Widgets 4

Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Widgets 4, a new version of the desktop Widgets platform.

Widgets give consumers a live, at-a-glance view of their favorite Internet information and services on the desktop. This new version offers users and developers improved features and capabilities, including a new Widget Dock, new and improved Widgets, improved performance, new and streamlined installation, improved authoring tools and automatic updates.

"Yahoo! continues its leadership position in the desktop Widget category, and with Yahoo! Widgets 4 we are excited to bring the newest version of our pioneering product to consumers and developers alike," said Paul Brody, vice-president, desktop products, Yahoo!. “Millions of active users rely on Yahoo!’s connected desktop applications to keep updated Internet content that’s important to them right at their fingertips, and our new product gives them the functionality to make it easier and better organized than ever.”

Yahoo! Widgets 4 marks the release of the new Flickr Widget that helps users easily display, upload and tag Flickr photos. Users can now drag-and-drop larger groups of photos, and edit their tags and information without ever opening a web browser.

Yahoo! Widgets 4 also includes the new Yahoo! Gallery Widget, which provides easy access to the Yahoo! Widget Gallery, that features over 4,300 desktop Widgets developed and submitted by independent Widget authors from around the world.

This new release features updates to the 21 popular Yahoo! Widgets that came pre-loaded with the previous version.

Click here for more info and to download Yahoo! Widgets 4.


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