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Digital Inspiration - The Tech Guide

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Metacafe Launches Café Confidential Online

Metacafe has launched Café Confidential, a confessional channel, created by Hollywood producer Steven Bochco. The features short videos of people sharing personal experiences such as 'My First Time', 'My Weird Family' or 'Most Embarrassing Moment'.

Steven Bochco said, "Online video provides an extraordinary forum for intimate, personal storytelling. Instead of dictating an entertainment experience, Hollywood can now have a dialog with an online audience and transform the narrative in partnership with them. I'm excited to create a community of new storytellers who are using the Web to share their experiences."

Sponsored by American Apparel, Cafe Confidential is targeted at 18-30 year olds with video content that aims to 'speak directly to their everyday experience'. Representatives of Metacafe said the channel forgoes celebrities and actors to focus on real people pulled off the streets and from shopping malls. The initiative is designed to enable viewers get inside the personal lives of people, as they share unusual stories about families and friends, and talk about their experiences on the job, at parties and on dates.

Cafe Confidential is designed to encourage Metacafe's 18 million monthly viewers to pick up a camera and join in a structured community conversation. Response videos gain immediate visibility by being included in Cafe Confidential and are eligible for cash payment through Metacafe's Producer Rewards Program, which pays $5 for every 1,000 views. Metacafe’s community panel and VideoRank technology will work together to make sure the most interesting audience stories get noticed on each topic

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