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Digital Inspiration - The Tech Guide

Friday, March 16, 2007

Google Offers News Services in Hindi
Google has launched a Hindi news service and Hindi transliteration on blogger as its web publishing service.

The search giant hopes that the twin services would enable the Hindi-speaking people to have quicker and easier access to more information. Google News in Hindi gathers news stories from various Hindi news sources and presents a ranked one-page view with links to news sources. Similarly, Google's transliteration technology enables the conversion from English text to phonetically equivalent text in Indian languages. Hindi transliteration on blogger enables users to publish content in Hindi while using English keyboards for text entry.

For instance, users can write 'mera Bharat' and this feature will convert it into the corresponding Hindi script. As the user audience is mostly bilingual, Google allows users to switch from English to Hindi and back.

Google's search is already available in five Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi. The toolbar also has a search bar in Hindi.


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posted by RK, 2:11 AM


hey this is not a new service as I know about a site which I frequently use for transliteration and to learn other Indian languages .... u can also try this and try to learn to write in many Indian language if u know little about them thn u can become master in it...... its too gud for those who r living outside their sate http://www.quillpad.com/hindi/
commented by Blogger ingro, 10:20 AM  

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