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Digital Inspiration - The Tech Guide

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mozilla Updates Firefox To Version

The Mozilla Foundation has released some important security fixes for its free Firefox 2.0 browser and the original Firefox 1.5. This update brings the version numbers to and 1.5.10. This new security rollout updates address issues with AutoComplete and changes the way "Save" dialog box displays for known file extensions.

There is also a fix for a bug where a mouse's scroll wheel would stop working. It also corrects two memory leaks which would lead to system slowdowns and sluggish performance.

This security rollout however has missed out quite a few vulnerabilities that were uncovered recently. Most of these were discovered by Polish researcher Michal Zelewski, who discovered a memory corruption flaw through which malicious software can be introduced into a system. The fixes for these bugs will be taken care of at a later date. The security update can be downloaded by either using Firefox's inbuilt auto-update program or by downloading the new version from the Firefox website.

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posted by RK, 2:55 AM


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